What is Doowaroda all about and is it even a real word? The name Doowaroda is a play on the Malay words “dua” and “roda” meaning two  and wheels respectively.

We are two people, passionate about life on two wheels. Through Doowaroda, we hope to contribute to the local cycling community; mountain biking  in particular, via:

Doowaroda.com is not only a place to share the the latest on our projects but also to share our love for life on two wheels and the local community through our written articles and photo stories.

The Doowaroda Team

DSCF0655I am Hajar aka D1. I wouldn’t be exaggerating much if I said mountain biking changed my life.

Living close to bike trails, whilst living in Kuala Lumpur keeps me sane.

I indulged in my love for the outdoors, when Australia was my home for over 15 years.  

I love bikes and the people who love them too. I’ve been lucky to meet so many good people through mountain biking; who have taught me just as much about life, as they have about how to ride gnarly lines.


camb-16I am Tareh aka D2. I started out mountain biking in the downhill scene.

A bad injury during a downhill race and extensive time off the bike, lead me to discover cycle touring. This led me to one of the biggest adventures of my life; cycling from Kuala Lumpur to China.

My current adventure is with Doowaroda as the bad cop of the team.

We hope for Doowaroda to create a sense of community for like minded others.

Our contact details can be found here

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