We Are Back!!!

Hello, salam, selamat pagi and good day to you all. After a unintended long hiatus from posting here, we are happy to announce that we are back. We’d like to assure you that our hiatus here, did not coincide with a hiatus from adventures with the bike.

Sadly, we need to acknowledge what the world is facing today. Life as we knew it before; may not be the same, at least for a while. What we hope to bring do, is bring you some joyful, distracting, inspiring or whatever you need content to get you going through these tough times.

We are happy to announce the Doowaroda companion Youtube channel as the first of many changes we still hope to make for 2020.

Check out our first official video for 2020, a ride down the Blueseum trail in Whistler Biker Park. ENJOY and be safe all!


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