A Tale of Two Adventures

The Nuzul Quran weekend at the start of the month was a weekend centered around families. We were fortunate to have two different families each day; on two very different bike adventures.

Mountain Biking Putrajaya

On Saturday we had Karen, Chloe and Jordan on their second ever mountain bike ride. After their successful first mtb ride with us on the beginner friendly Doowaroda Trail, it was time to up the ante. This time, it was for a loop of Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP).

The steeper and narrower single tracks of PCP definitely pushed our mountain biking family’s abilities, but they rose to the challenge with enthusiasm and good humour. We had a lot of fun sharing our knowledge and riding with these three.


Koko Tareh and magical hand signals at the start of the ride


Jordan tackling the trail


Chloe keeping it smooth


Trail walk


Checking out the obstacles first


Focusing on the lesson


Karen braving the sketchy corner



A little pep talk before the descent


Here he comes!


Whoooop whoop!


This crazy crew!

Thank you so much Karen, Chloe and Jordan for riding with us again and being good sports.

KL Car Free Day with the Kiddos

Sunday was time for a different kind of bike adventure, this time in the heart of Kuala Lumpur for the KL Car Free Morning. Amy, Rizmal and their two boys were keen to finish the event route on their second attempt. Instead of mountain bikes and lessons in taking gnarly lines, this time the challenge for us, Amy and family; was making sure the two boys could safely join the ride.

So two bikes, with child seats checked and an early morning start; we were off!

Happy to say that Amy and Rizmal managed the loop effortlessly (easy to do on good bikes!). The boys did sleep through the entire route, so they were keen on a few extra spins at the end of the ride and Uncle Tareh was happy to oblige.

Thank you so much Amy, Rizmal and kiddos for letting us be part of your family fun.


Most important person to keep happy


Mom ready to go


And they’re off!


Dad making chase


KL Car Free Day



Been a long day


Wake up!




One awake


Both awake!


Time for an extra spin Uncle Tareh!



Doowaroda signing out, heading home!



Karen, Chloe and Jordan chose the guided mountain bike hire package with us. Bike rental with guide and some coaching. 

Amy and Rizmal chose to hire city bikes from us with child seats. Our child seat for hire, adaptable to most bike frames can be hired separately.

All hire rates are can be found here

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


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