Doowaroda Trail Progress

We’ve been sharing some progress of the trail we’ve been working on located in the UPM campus.

Phase 1 consisting of 2.5km loop is complete. This loop involves a gentle gradient climb on gravel road, before entering the first section of jungle single track. This section of trail will be a good challenge to both newer and experienced riders.

The jungle singletrack will spit you out onto the open trails under the pine trees. Beginner friendly but still for the advanced riders. It has jumps, little drops, fast corners and short climbs. It’s built so you can do as many rounds of this section until you drop.

We are awaiting further the negotiations for public access with UPM authorities. Wish us the best and stay tuned for updates.

We’re very grateful for all our mountain biking friends who have lent a hand over the few months. Here are some photos to share of all the work (and fun!) that we’ve had bringing the trail to life.

Do keep in touch for trail updates and events via our Facebook page. We are hosting a beginner friendly women’s ride for a preview of the trail. Details here










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