Living Cities: Sydney Part 1

A few months ago, I said farewell to a very important phase of my life. I also said farewell to beautiful Australia, my home for over 15 years. My new home, my hometown of Kuala Lumpur; is exciting with plenty to explore and rediscover. But before I share more tales of re-discovering my hometown, I feel it is only appropriate that my previous homes are given a proper send off. The next few posts will be dedicated to my favourite “living” cities.

Living Cities will highlight each city’s achievements in returning the city streets to the people. Living Cities will celebrate livable cities, with lively communities, clean air and easy access to green space. Cities dedicated to improving mobility of its people and healthy, happy lifestyles (and yes, cycling culture).

First up, is of course Sydney. Please enjoy!


Beaches on your doorstep Priceless


Lone swimmer (and me behind the camera) Bronte ocean baths

There aren’t a lot of experiences in the world, that can top the feeling of completely immersing of yourself in ocean water. Best still, when you have it all to yourself. Ride to beach, swim, ride to the office. Ride away from office, ride to beach, swim, ride home. A true luxury.


My loyal steed and Bronte Beach


The only Ladies’ Only Ocean Baths in Australia. Maybe the world.

Inner West is Best – I am grateful to have lived in some lovely places, but I make no apologies for my next sentence. Colourful, diverse, weird, welcoming, grungy, tiny, busy, peaceful inner west of Sydney, you have my heart. (sorry, Gladstone). I did not sleep a wink my first three months living in the Inner West. The coffee is that good and that plentiful.


The Hub, Newtown

S0611572   S0471547


Sydney in autumn

S0531373 DSCF9246


Mural, Marrickville


Community party on my walk home. Just cause


Mocktail bar. Open late.


King Street, Newtown at night

DSCF3407 DSCF2618


Marrickville Markets, Sunday must


Marrickville Markets.

DSCF3404 DSCF2605


Park in Petersham


The way home.

Cycling Facilities bikes lanes, shared lanes, bike on trains, bikes on ferries. Sydney is in no way the best city in Australia for cycling. But Sydney has come along way and hopefully will only get better. If only the dirty politicians would let the good ones get on with it. Stay strong Sydney.

S0401534 S0399238

                     S0491552 DSCF8562


Ride on the water, San Souci

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