All Quiet on the South Coast- Photostory

All Quiet on the South Coast


Hey summer, we did miss the long days and warmth that you bring. But there’s a special kind of beauty to be experienced when you are away and we sure will be glad to see you when you’re back.

We packed our raincoats, our coziest jumpers and made a lot of hot drinks on the stove. Some of us braved the cold (but not that cold) water. We stuck it to the fair weather campers and marched onwards as the wind blew us sideways, half struggling due to the wind itself, half due to uncontrollable giggles.

Photos from Cave Beach, Bristol Point and Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay Territory, NSW and places in between.

DSCF9983DSCF9999DSCF9980DSCF9975DSCF9955                DSCF9945  DSCF9906                    DSCF9899  DSCF9932 DSCF9901                 DSCF9888 DSCF9880

DSCF9883DSCF9869                              DSCF9868DSCF9971                            DSCF9863 DSCF9850 DSCF9848

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