Disposable Income Jam! Dharco & Yeti Clothing

Womens Lightweight Riding Tops

Here in Australia, we have well and truly said farewell to summer. But it’s always warm enough somewhere in Australia and summer is not too far away in the Northern Hemisphere.

So to launch the soon to be regular “Disposable Income Jam” column, the posts detailing my favourite and not so favourite bike related gear; here are my favourite summer/ warm weather women’s riding tops.

Dharco’s Trail Tee Xtra lite


The first is this nautical inspired short sleeved top from local Sydney brand Dharco. In Australia at least, you may be colour blind if you haven’t noticed the vibrant Dharco pieces (and not unusually in large numbers) out and about on your local trails.

I will be upfront in how much I love this top, especially with my aversion to heat. It’s the lightest riding top that I own without resorting to a singlet. The casual yet stand out look is also very appealing and consistent with Dharco’s style philosophy. If you already own any of the Dharco riding tops, you’ll find the material on the Trail Tee Xtra lite about 50% lighter. The cut is relaxed and not clingy. I found that although sizing up was the better decision when ordering my other Dharco gear, I would have been just fine not doing that with the Trail Tee Xtra lite.


Over the summer, I did find myself washing this top immediately after a ride with the intention of wearing it again for the next day’s ride. I’m also proud to admit, that I’ve worn it out on the town on a number of occasions.

There were only two things that I would have preferred on the Trail Tee Xtra Lite. One was that I missed having the little zipper pocket that Dharco three quarter tops have. I had gotten into the habit of placing my Opal (public transport card) card in the pocket to conveniently whip out on my way to the trails. The other was the size of the neck hole. Personally, I found it a little wide for what I usually wear although this definitely contributed to the light and breezy feel to the top.


Lightweight, ideal for hot weather

Good looking, you can wear it on the town ladies. MTB + French chic nautical inspired = winning combo


Neck width

I’m a pocket addict, missed the pocket that the 3/4 tops had


This beauty from Dharco is a bit of hidden gem from the well- received brand that has seen a lot of positive press on the rest of their range. I would happily own this in multiple colours. Filed under wear it to death.


Trail tee Xtra Lite was purchased directly from Dharco

Limited Dharco items also available online from Dirty Jane

Yeti Women’s Enduro Top

My other favourite item from the recent summer is the Women’s Enduro ¾ top from Yeti’s new women’s range. Yes, they dared to use the “E” word. I’ve been a fan of the look of the Yeti gear for a while now, but purchasing them in Australia has always been a challenge. My last purchase over a year ago was from the New Zealand distributor Black Seal , which then carried the full women’s range.

This top was an impulse purchase when I spotted it from the opposite corner of the shop floor at my new “local”, Summit Cycles. I reckon I’ve been doing well controlling the impulse retail purchases recently, but I allowed myself this one item.

The top’s colour combination caught my eye at first and I was happy to learn that it was indeed a women’s specific cut. The sizing was hard to judge, appearing larger and looser fitting on the hanger. I ended up picking up the top in Large for a fitted but not tight fit. I do think their sizes run a little small with the largest size given on their website to be the Large. I am usually a 10-12UK (6-8US) and most cycling clothing brands offer at least one more size up from what I need.

The top is made from a lightweight polyester blend, not as light as the Dharco Trail Tee  but definitely lighter than a lot of jerseys in a similar style on the market. The Yeti Enduro top  hits the sweet spot of being lightweight but with sufficient coverage . I definitely prefer the Enduro to my Yeti Women’s Monarch top, which somehow felt warmer despite having the shorter sleeves.


That colour combo. On point I say

Lightweight, suitable for the climate most of the year where I live

Great cut, right amount of coverage for hardier trail riding


Sizes ran a little small

Still no tiny side pocket, kids


This was a “had to get” (in a totally self indulgent I got paid recently way of course) for me. Good looking, good coverage without overheating.

My Yeti Women’s Enduro Top was purchased locally at Summit Cycles in Sydney

Also available via Yeti’s online store


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